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Welcome To where the site is hosted. This Where Website is Hosted Tool Gives Provides accurate information about the web host company and location of the website, IP address, Nameservers, etc. of any website. Or you can use this web hosting lookup to find where a website is hosted . Check not only where the website is hosted but also what the IP address of my site is. Who Is Hosting This feature is very fast and faster than websites like Hosting Checker and is easy to use and you have no restrictions here.You can find out who is hosting any website in a few seconds and it is a Domain Lookup Tool. Anyone can use this tool to find out what quality web hosting companies are and what competitors are using.

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Shared hosting is the hosting of multiple websites on a single server under public resources.These are often inexpensive and suitable for small scale websites.
A vps is a virtual partitioning of a dedicated server. These have a single IP address and separate RAM and are faster than Shared hosting.
Dedicated is the hosting of websites on a single server. These are expensive and require a Dedicated server for high volume websites.